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Aaron Jerome Tooley, known as Untraceablecasings, adopted writing as a method to quell the storms brewing within him as well as around him.

Despite obstacles, he’s proven that when you pay no mind to the naysayers and chase your dreams... you can achieve them.

Welcome to his online showcase of writing and spoken word poetry.

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Stage Mist

Urban Commercial

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Get Inspired With 360 Virtual Tours

    This book of poems is a collection of emotions and experiences that we all go through in life. it explores the complexities of love and the pain of betrayal, it delves into the darkness of hate and corruption, and the inevitability of death. Amidst all the chaos and turmoil, the book also brings forth the beauty of happiness and the bliss of joy.

Through My Eyes

A collection of poems through the eyes of one who was cultivated in the slums.

Expression vividly placed on paper. Depicting the trials and tribulations of souls struggling to make ends meet. Where one misplaced step could extinguish the flame that flickers within the mortal shell. Some navigate the mazes laced with obstacles. While others languish in despair. Falling victim to vices that were instilled from the day lungs first inhaled this toxic air.

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Spoken Word Audio Showcase

Speaking my truth, when most thought I'd be dead or rotting in fetters.

Double R

Russian Roulette


Blood In My Eyes

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The Devil's Playground

Russian Roulette


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